Grupo Farma: Transparency Unites Us

Grupo Farma

The success of our corporation is attributed to the dedication of our collaborators, where we strive to strengthen a transparent corporate culture, promoting trust, building closer relationships, and fostering financial and legal transparency, as well as sustainability and optimal resource utilization.

Aware of our long-standing history and the responsibility that comes with over 80 years in the pharmaceutical industry, we continually promote corporate transparency by creating spaces of trust, honesty, and respect. Our philosophy is rooted in values such as inclusion and harmonious interaction with our surroundings, enabling us to work as a team, establish stronger connections with customers, and gain full trust and success.

This culture of transparency is supported by strong pillars; as an organization, we currently:

  • Prioritize the security of personal data.
  • Cultivate workplaces free from retaliation.
  • Respect and encourage healthy competition.
  • Strive for an anti-bribery and anti-corruption culture.
  • Promote environmental protection.
  • Advocate for overall well-being.

All of this is because we are committed to further perfecting the path toward corporate transparency, guided by a solid code of ethics and our more than 20 global corporate policies, which apply to all countries (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela).

We are convinced that transparency strengthens us as a group, demonstrating the honesty of our actions, credibility in our words, security in the relationships we build, and stability for the future we continue to build.

At Grupo Farma, we forge long-term bonds, recognizing that while transparency is a choice, we are all on this journey together as a leading and inspiring company.

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