Ethical line

Through this channel you can communicate, confidentially or anonymously, irregularities or possible breaches of the Code of Ethics of the Grupo FARMA or actions that are not aligned with internal regulations, legal or with our behavior or corporate values.

Ethics, transparency and integrity are fundamental principles with which the Grupo FARMA is strongly committed and, therefore, the actions of our collaborators must always be honest and responsible, complying at all times with internal and external regulations, ethically and professionally.

If you have become aware of any situation or conduct contrary to our Code of Ethics, corporate principles or values, report it through this channel so that we can continue to improve our way of doing things.

Online Report

This system facilitates the anonymous reporting of an incident that you believe violates our policies.

We invite you to enter the requested data below:

All the information received will be analyzed under strict confidentiality and reservation.


If you prefer to make your complaint by email, which can allow for more attachments, send an email to:

The channels present in this section are for the exclusive use of reporting complaints, they are not intended for customer service or requesting information.

Telephone line

In addition to the online report and email, we have a telephone line, where you can contact us if you prefer to file the complaint this way.