Our Business

Get to know our main areas


Grupo Farma has a wide portfolio of prescription, hospital and over-the-counter products

We have new projects for high-cost therapies within the hospital area.

The main therapeutic areas served are:

Licenses and Strategic Alliances

Since its beginnings, Grupo Farma has had licenses and strategic alliances with world-renowned companies that have set the pace for its growth, constituting a fundamental strategic pillar during these changing times. These agreements have allowed Grupo Farma to be a pioneer in launching new molecules, unique pharmaceutical forms, and modern concepts throughout the region.

We continue to obtain new licenses and forge new alliances. We have recently negotiated important high-cost and biotechnological products with the firm purpose of boosting our penetration in the institutional market.

Licensed products form a significant part of Grupo Farma’s sales. Proof of this is the business relationship with the Swiss company Vifor, which started 35 years ago in Colombia and has extended today throughout the entire Andean Region.

Grupo Farma offers flexibility and adaptability to licensors and companies that wish to enter the Region.  We have a specialized sales force dedicated to promoting and marketing brands in each country and a highly professional marketing team.  Additionally, we have highly experienced teams in regulatory affairs in each country, making it possible for us to carry out and control the necessary processes for obtaining health registrations.

Grupo Farma maintains high ethical standards through corporate-business transparency that guarantees the confidence of having a strategic partner throughout the Andean Region.

Galenic Development

Grupo Farma has committed itself to develop new pharmaceutical forms and bioavailable and bioequivalent products. This development is done under the highest quality standards and complies with the norms of national and international regulatory entities.

Grupo Farma has internationally patented products. An outstanding group of pharmaceutical and chemical specialists works tirelessly at the Research and Development Center to enable the transfer of new technologies and formulations that serve as a basis for creating new brands that meet the needs of doctors, patients, and consumers.


Our plant in Maracay, Venezuela has been recognized for its state-of-the-art facilities.

Since its inauguration in 2008, it has been awarded the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification without interruption.

We are continuously making improvements.